The current global health crisis has highlighted the importance of adapting to a changing business environment. Any strategy that is considered should include technology at its core, particularly when face-to-face interactions are limited and travel is restricted.

Today we’re excited to announce that Vetstoria, our partner for online appointment booking, has launched a telemedicine platform that leverages our existing integration. The platform allows clients to book video consultations online using Vetsoria’s online booking platform, which automatically displays availability and update your schedule our software in real-time. Clients are invited to join a private video consultation from anywhere on any device.

From Julien Renard, CEO of Vetstoria:

COVID-19 is the most significant challenge that many of our clients will hopefully ever have to face, and thankfully, we have already seen the industry coming together at this time of crisis. Some practices have closed their doors. However, that shouldn't stop them from helping pet owners in need. As a software provider, we've innovated and catered to our clients' immediate needs, and that's why we've worked tirelessly to develop a telemedicine solution that easy-to-use and leverages Vetstoria's powerful integration with practice management software.

Cloud-based technologies offer the ability for practices to continue to operate from anywhere, which minimizes the adverse impact on a business that results from the disruptions the world is currently experiencing. Booking telemedicine consultations, documenting the interaction from anywhere, and emailing clients invoices to pay online provide a convenient solution to continue caring for patients and operating the practice while being remote.

Learn more about Vetstoria’s telemedicine offering.  Vetstoria will be joining us for office hours this Wednesday, March 25th. Credentials to join the webinar are available in Help Desk.

Photo by Harry Cunningham on Unsplash