A few weeks ago we welcomed our 1,000th customer.  This is an important milestone for us - one that we are honored and proud to have reached so quickly.   Crossing the 1,000-customer mark is proof that our software is an excellent option for veterinary practices of all types, and the pace at which new customers are adopting our software is further evidence that server-based software is on its way out.  

Getting here was a true team effort.  There are many people that deserve our gratitude.  First, I want to thank our team for tirelessly providing our customers with an outstanding experience.  Second, I want to thank our families and friends for their endless encouragement and support.  Third, I want to thank our customers for helping us continually improve our offering, and for always introducing us to their colleagues.  We couldn’t have done this without you, and we look forward to celebrating many more successes!

Photo By: Ian Schneider